Turkey Pakistan Military Exercise Start ,ISPR | Turkey | Pakistan | Pak Navy | Pakistan News 2021

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  1. Islamic country that is riddled with untruthfulness, deceit, corruption, profiteering, adulteration, discriminations against non Sunni Muslims, non muslims, adultery, murder, terrorism, rapes, child marriages, blasphemy law, forced conversions. Women are treated as second class citizens. Whether it is talaaq, property rights, rights to education, honour killing and access to other rights enjoyed by men. Need to separate religion from governance.(State). You have too many laws. Sharia, British law, regional state laws, Mullah law, military law and law of the jungle. This needs to be tidied up. Law in Pakistan is totally broken. The other failed state apparatuses are corrupt military, corrupt judiciary, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians…and spineless or corrupt media. Pakistan foreign policy and the countries it is friends with are indicative of which way the country is going. Obviously, it is a corrupted version of Islam that has taken root in Pakistan. Where is the intelligentsia, if there is one? Yeh kaisa jamuriat hai!

  2. اسلام علیکم مین غریب گھر سے ہوں دو روٹیان کمانا مشکل ہوگی ہے پرینک ویڈیو انٹرٹینمنٹ ویڈیو نیوز ویڈیو اچہی اچہی بناتا ہون مگر کوئی سپوٹ نہین کرتا –..-۔ ۔۔

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