Shahryar Afridi Nay Assembly Hila Di , Imran khan Nay America Ko Hila Diya Assembly main Dhoom


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  1. عمران خان پورے پاکستان کا لیڈر ھیں اور نواز شریف صرف پنجاب کا لیڈر تھا ھر تقریر میں پنجاب پنجاب پنجاب،،،اور زرداری سند کا لیڈر تھا ،،اتنے یہ لوگ قوم پرست ھیں،،،،عمران خان زندہ ،،،،اب پشتون قوم کی خون کی قیمت نھی لیا جایگا،،،،،

  2. PERVEZ HOODBHOY… Is some one Islamabad, his article on 17th june
    republishes with edited words internationally '' Mullahs took over biology curriculum reversing Pakistan like Saudi Arabia '.. All physics or scietific brains should play responsible roles and should take notice of their unapproved material stolen international or wht soever should be stop as ASAP.. THE PRINT.IN... Is liable to penalty in this permit zone of time today..

  3. Lanat hai poori sharif family and poori zardari family and poori pdm pe Lanat in sab choron dakuon ghadaron haramzadon kuton beghairton qatilon munafiqon ko phansi do

  4. Well done pm imran khan zindabad
    Poora Pakistan 🇵🇰pm imran khan ke sath hai
    Pak Army and ISI zindabad
    Pak ISI ke gumnam heroes ko salam
    We love Pak Army and ISI
    Pakistan 🇵🇰zindabad

  5. Allah pak hamare mulk se sood ka nizam khatam karday.Ameen InShaaAllah. Allah Pak hamare mulk ki hifazat farmaye. Ameen aur hum sb musalmano ko Sacha momin bana de. InShaaAllah

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